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EGA Master obtains the highest international certification in safety and health at work


EGA Master has obtained the Certification in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in accordance with the requirements of the ISO45001: 2018 Standard.

ISO45001: 2018 Standard certifies that organizations that pass it provide safe and healthy workplaces in which injuries and damage to health are prevented through continuous improvement.

EGA Master was previously certified in accordance with the provisions of the international OHSAS 18001: 2007 specification. It now goes a step further and exceeds the most demanding accreditation in the international arena.

Achievement of this certification demonstrates the company's commitment to the occupational health and safety of its workers in line with its strategy of continuous improvement and responsible development.

In this regard, it should also be noted that the Company is currently implementing a Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management System based on the ISO 37001 Standard, which it expects to have certified by the end of the year and which shows the firm and determined commitment of the organization to Social Responsibility. Business and a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and compliance and the fight against bribery and corruption.